UPSIDE Foods' chicken will be available to consumers by the end of 2021, pending regulatory review.

We are currently focused on developing and launching our meat in the United States, but our mission is global and we absolutely have aspirations to launch our product worldwide as soon as possible.

We’re exploring obtaining cells from a variety of methods, including biopsies from living animals, eggs, fishing, and recently slaughtered animals who were already a part of the food system. We also expect that our cells will be capable of indefinitely self-renewing, so that we won't need to return to the animal for subsequent samples. Our goal is to completely remove the animal from our meat production process.

Our meat production method is inspired by nature’s basic principles: start with one cell and give it the proper nutrients to allow it to grow and multiply. We feed the cell a range of nutrients (amino acids, sugars, trace minerals, and vitamins) normally found in food and compositionally similar to what develops organically in animal body, just in a different format.

We're committed to completely detaching our production process from animal slaughter. We have already developed processes that do not require FBS and we are working to phase out the use of all animal components altogether. Our aim is to bring animal component-free products to market as soon as we can.

Our focus right now is on making technical advances that will allow us to produce our meat at a lower cost and at a greater scale, safely, and reliably. We have reduced our production costs dramatically in the last year and expect the cost to continue to drop significantly as we scale up production. Ultimately, our goal is to make cell-cultured meat at a cost comparable to – and eventually lower than - conventional meat.

We’ve already debuted the world’s first cell-cultured beef meatball, chicken and duck and are also working on other meat types. We have developed our production method to be flexible across many types of animals.

We love the outpour of support and desire from individuals around the world to invest in our company! It reinforces the importance of this technology and the belief that it will create meaningful change in the world. Though we are not presently accepting individual investments, we encourage you to join our newsletter for updates about the company’s fundraising status.

There are many ways to support our mission of creating a more abundant and sustainable food system: from following us across social media, to spreading the word about this new method of producing meat, or even joining our team. If you’re interested in becoming part of the UPSIDE team, check out our Careers page and learn more about our open positions.

Several independent researchers have published life cycle analyses and have generally found very encouraging results. One study, for instance, finds that, at scale, cell-cultured meat may require up to 90% less land and water, and emit up to 90% fewer greenhouse gases. While it's too early to know the precise environmental footprint of cell-cultured meat, we expect it to provide significant benefits to the planet.

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