Breaking New Ground: UPSIDE Foods Makes History with First Cultivated Meat Sale in the US!

July 29, 2023

Breaking New Ground: UPSIDE Foods Makes History with First Cultivated Meat Sale in the US!

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Saturday, July 1st, 2023, marked an epic milestone as UPSIDE Foods made its mark in history books as the first-ever cell-cultivated meat company to sell its product in America. The day was special, historical, and really fun; read below to let us break it down for you.

A priceless prize


We held a contest to find the first five consumers of UPSIDE Chicken to celebrate this symbolic milestone with us. From all corners of the country, our winners came to honor this moment with us, each embodying a unique perspective and shared belief in the future of food. Allow us to introduce our remarkable contest winners captured in the photo above, from left to right: Matthew, a New Jersey-based driver who champions progress in food tech as an omnivore; Danielle, a Miami-based animal advocate and scientist committed to the well-being of animals; Aranzazu, a DEI professional from New York, excited about a future where food no longer exploits animals or workers; Danielle, a Sacramento-based teacher raising her daughters in a world where traditions can now grow sustainably; and Oscar, a San Francisco-based pharmacist and biotech professional whose excitement stems from showcasing to the world the incredible progress that can be achieved by producing and serving meat without the need for the mass slaughter of animals. Together, they embody the spirit of change and hope that drives our mission forward.

A Morning of Connections and Exploration

We kicked off the day by welcoming our five winners of the contest to our EPIC facility. Joined by UPSIDE leaders, including Amy Chen (COO), Eric Schultze (VP of Global Regulatory & Public Policy), David Kay (Director of Communication), Maria Macedo (Director of Brand & Creative), Shelly Hayden (Senior Brand Manager), and Jessica Weaver (Brand Engagement Specialist).


Our guests started the day by joining the UPSIDE team and were led on a behind-the-scenes tour of our EPIC facility. On the tour, they were able to see our full production facility and ask all of the questions they wanted answered about UPSIDE Chicken’s journey from process to plate. The tour opened their eyes to the limitless possibilities of sustainable, ethical, and delicious cultivated meat and whetted their appetites for the lunch that was to come. As Erin shared with us, “I am blown away by the level of innovation I saw on my tour of UPSIDE’s EPIC production facility. It is the ultimate example of an interdisciplinary effort. What impressed me the most, as a bioethicist but also just as a human, was their commitment to transparency — not only are they open about every step of their production process, they have literally built transparency into the design of the facility so that everyone can see how the food is produced! This is a stark contrast to the way factory-farmed meat is made… Everything about this is paradigm-shifting.

Indulging in Gastronomic Bliss at Bar Crenn


Next, our winners attended lunch at the renowned Michelin-starred Bar Crenn, where culinary force of nature, Dominique Crenn, welcomed them with cocktails and canapes.  The room buzzed with anticipation as Chef Crenn and UPSIDE Foods CEO Uma Valeti mingled with our guests. Finally, it was time for a lunch of six delectable courses to be served.

A Monumental Moment: Cultivated Meat Takes the Spotlight


This meal would not be complete without the star of the show: our UPSIDE Chicken!  The dish developed by Chef Crenn is a tantalizing Recato Negro Tempura with chili from Yucatan, chili aioli, and garnished with flowers from Bleu Belle Farm. In that first bite of UPSIDE, minds were blown, taste buds were awakened, and a culinary revolution began. As Oscar shared, “The UPSIDE chicken dish was so delicious, with the same crunchiness of fried chicken, the flavor profile, and even fibrous consistency.”



After dining, our winners proudly paid for their meal—marking the very first time cultivated meat was purchased by consumers in America! With cheers and clinking glasses, the moment was marked as not just a delicious meal but also a triumph for innovation, sustainability, and a future where ethical dining choices and the progress they signify reign supreme.




Then it was time to say goodbye. Our winners departed, carrying with them the joy of having witnessed history in the making—a remarkable moment where the future of food was reimagined. July 1st, 2023, stands as a testament to UPSIDE Foods’ commitment to redefining the culinary landscape with ethical and exciting new possibilities.


Raise your forks, clink those glasses, and join us on this extraordinary journey as we shape a future where innovation and sustainability intertwine on our plates. The countdown has begun, and you’re invited to savor every delicious moment of this groundbreaking culinary revolution!



For more information on how you can savor the UPSIDE Chicken experience at Bar Crenn, follow our socials for monthly dates and reservation availability.